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  • RIP Klaire Paul
    You will forever be missed.

  • I see how it is. Paul
    The BONG is finally ending it's decade long run and ya'll can't pop in for a minute to let me ask you about your foreskin status. That's fine. I'm fine. You do your "important" things with your "family" and whatever.

  • All good things... Paul


  • Bong Time [Bong] Blast Tyrant
    Let's all jump on and enjoy the final days of the best server.

  • ehy guys lets play on the gravvity dong Pax J. Schrisslebee
    cum on lets play video gamee

  • Gravity Bong Happy Hour Tonight! ☤Dr. KhAmiR-UbiTcH (Music)
    6:30-7:30 CST

    That's right. Your eyes do not deceive you. It's time to run some maps other than 2fort for an hour. In addition to the other "stock" maps that come with the game, there are a few custom maps that we can vote on.

    New maps for consideration:


    CTF_MACH4 (Needs to be unzipped)



    Join us!

  • The Gravity Bong is up For Sale! [BONG] Helix
    After 8 long and prosperous years running The Gravity Bong, it is finally up for sale to end this chapter and pass it on to the next chapter. The Gravity Bong is up for auction, please consider placing a bid or letting anyone you may know that may be interested. Thank you for the great times.

    The auction and info may be found here:

  • Join the Rotation Server! [BONG] Mama
    Joey & Co. are trying to get the rotation server up and running tonight, here is the IP

    Be there, or be square!!

  • Happy New Year 2016 [BONG] Helix
    Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year to everyone out there that is a part of our community. After 8 years as a TF2 community we appreciate everyone that has passed through and played with us and continues to do so. Here's to another year and wishing everyone a great 2016!

  • Goodbye TF2, Hello Overwatch [BONG] Helix
    April 1, 2015

    Today is a bittersweet day BONG'ers. Today we say goodbye to an era. We say goodbye to the last 7 years of supporting a game that has been by our side longer than most of our relationships. A game that has been there when we needed someone to drink with, a game that has been around since the year of the iPhone.

    It's no shock that we have been losing momentum over the past few months. Server numbers and activity are at the lowest they've ever been. We thought to ourselves, selves, what can we do? That's when it happened... an idea as good as the one that brought us into the world. An idea we think everyone will fully stand behind.

    The Gravity Bong is pleased to announce we will now move to and only support Blizzard's Overwatch. We feel there is a strong backing of Blizzard players that will shell out hundreds of dollars a year to support a pay-to-play-community. That's right, we'll take your money and in return you'll be offered acceptance into our loving community. The pay-to-play community does offer great benefits.

    Need help studying for that exam? You will receive one hour of Silent Agent's tutoring service per month. Need someone to make that prank call for you? Members receive one free prank call made by Cyrus per month. Getting lonely and want a girlfriend to prove to your friends your status? Luna will send you up to 5 selfies a month and unlimited girlfriend experience text messages. And finally, if you act now you can buy a bottle of Whiskey for Hick and try to go shot for shot with him while debating any subject of your choosing. These seats will not last long so stay tuned for the immediate opening of this exciting opportunity.

    In addition, tonight we will say goodnight to an era. We ask you to stand in support and join us for our "Farewell" night of Team Fortress 2 before we shut our doors. Thank you and BONG on'

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