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Sun Dec 17 2017, 01:52PM

Steam Alias: spartanbard
Class: Scout
Posts: 134
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Not sure if any of you are still out there. I hadn't been playing for a while when Gravity Bong server went under, so I missed the announcement and all that. I've just noticed the server wasn't in my favorites list anymore. Finally decided to log in here to see what was up. Now I know.

Of those of you still playing TF2, what servers are you playing on now?

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Tue Dec 26 2017, 06:32AM

Steam Alias: WD!!! Drake
Class: Demoman
Posts: 3520
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If I play, I usually chase Khamir around and play with him.

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Tue Dec 26 2017, 04:24PM

Steam Alias: HolyASS3490
Class: Medic
Posts: 661
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Tue Dec 26 2017, 09:34PM

Steam Alias: Galot
Class: Spy
Posts: 1074
Liked 117 times in 47 posts

i don't really feel like playing until the flamethrower gets nerfed

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Sat Dec 30 2017, 07:58PM

Steam Alias: wolfwarrior27
Class: Engineer
Posts: 215
Liked 79 times in 41 posts

Overwatch mainly and other games. But no tf2. seems boring now

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Fri Jan 05 2018, 03:36PM

Steam Alias: GrλvyTrλin
Class: Soldier
Posts: 330
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Tue Jan 09 2018, 10:17PM

Steam Alias: SoraPiroB
Class: Soldier
Posts: 400
Liked 34 times in 26 posts

I have been experiencing one of my depressive episodes where I don't play any of my usual games for weeks/months at a time. So I've been just working and catching up on a lot of anime.

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Sat Jan 20 2018, 11:24AM

Steam Alias: [BonG] Dr. KhAmiR M.D.
Class: Medic
Posts: 3992
Liked 253 times in 114 posts

Sorry to hear that sora. Hopefully you can find an outlet to channel all that stuff. Either way. I still play tf2 almost daily. Big surprise

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