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Thu Apr 27 2017, 07:32AM

Steam Alias: sdfsdf
Class: Soldier
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i love to eat shit

[ Edited Sat Apr 29 2017, 09:52PM ]
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Thu Apr 27 2017, 03:51PM

Steam Alias: NinjaAl
Class: Soldier
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Do you still believe or not?

Also, Huge David.

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Thu Apr 27 2017, 04:27PM

Steam Alias: WD!!! Drake
Class: Demoman
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No spam links. I'm confused.

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Thu Apr 27 2017, 08:45PM

Steam Alias: STEAM_0:0:7227352
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wrote ...

When auto tires have been kicked about dream-scenario individuals, we were holding kicked comparatively calmly and also swiftly just before Indianapolis paid out over a extremely smart selection.

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Thu Apr 27 2017, 10:27PM

Steam Alias: joey99964
Class: Heavy
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I vote that this one stays

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Fri Apr 28 2017, 03:49PM

Steam Alias: [Bong] Grahamula
Class: Heavy
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These kids and their free form poetry are really getting out of hand.

I remember when it was alliteration, end rhyme, verses, and rhyme schemes just like God intended. These hand-holding communist hippies are ruining our country.

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Fri Apr 28 2017, 11:05PM

Steam Alias: Quinjelly
Class: Spy
Posts: 22
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This isn't even the first time this specific account did this???

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Sat Apr 29 2017, 12:40PM

Steam Alias: [BonG] Dr. KhAmiR M.D.
Class: Medic
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The only thing I can't understand is why more of us haven't thumbs-up this guy's post yet.

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Sun Apr 30 2017, 10:23AM

Steam Alias: SoraPiroB
Class: Soldier
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NinjaAl wrote ...

Do you still believe or not?

Also, Huge David.

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