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Happy New Year 2016 Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year to everyone out there that is a part of our community. After ...
Goodbye TF2, Hello Overwatch April 1, 2015 http://gravitybong.net/page.php?35 Today is a bittersweet day BONG'ers. Today we say ...
Support Scruff McGruff in the Grand Finale!! Scruff McGruff is about to start the UGC Gold Grand Finale. Watch and cheer him on here: http://ww ...

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Re: Frin wuju'
Hello nice to see you on the f...
Posted by ScruffMcGruff
Feb 07 : 02:40PM

Re: Tell me of your home world Usul...
"I remember your Gom Jabbar, n...
Posted by Halvus
Feb 07 : 12:18AM

Re: Frin wuju'

Posted by Helix
Feb 06 : 11:34PM

Re: Tell me of your home world Usul...

Posted by Helix
Feb 06 : 11:33PM

Re: Tell me of your home world Usul...

Posted by SoraPiroB
Feb 06 : 10:17PM

Tell me of your home world Usul...
Hello all,I love to play medic...
Posted by JimmyTodd
Feb 06 : 09:46PM

Re: Frin wuju'

Posted by SoraPiroB
Feb 06 : 06:55PM

Frin wuju'
Hey all! I've finally decided ...
Posted by Munchies
Feb 06 : 06:20PM

Re: Greetings from Deeb
Posted by DrakeMegrim
Feb 06 : 04:17AM

Re: Greetings from Deeb
Welcome pal. Nice to see you ...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Feb 05 : 04:58PM



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Tue Feb 02 2016, 09:36AM
Gravity Bong Music
Posted by Skyhawk in Team Fortress 2 category.
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Greetings Bong,

As we have new players browsing our little site every month, I thought I’d post one of the many extra perks of playing on the Gravity Bong. You guessed it, it’s our awesome in game jukebox plugin that YOU as the player have input as to the content. Although we have a huge library of music, you can post suggestions to this thread and have the music YOU want to listen to, added to the library.

Spacepope has recently stepped up to help us keep the jukebox refreshed and populated with new music. This community jukebox thread has the details on how to make a music request and you it’s as easy as posting a YouTube link. So send us your requests and let’s load that Gravity Bong iPod up.

Wed Dec 23 2015, 08:55AM
Happy Holidays!
Posted by Helix in Gravity Bong News category.
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Greetings BONG! Everyone here at the Gravity Bong would like to wish the community a safe and wonderful Holiday season. We hope that Santa brings you everything you asked for and old aunt sally doesn't barf in the apple pie at dinner this year. Remember to water your trees, clean your BONGs, and stand under mistletoe often. Thanks for another great year and for everyone's dedication and support in the community.

On a side note since it's the one time of year we do a shameless plug for donations, our server coffer has went completely dry. The donation link to the side goes directly to our server if anyone is in the giving spirit to toss a couple bucks toward it. We don't plan on shutting our doors anytime soon, but every little bit helps! Thanks again to everyone for continuing to play at the BONG and here's to the holidays and 2016! Bong on!

Thu Nov 19 2015, 10:01AM
Woah, another admin!
Posted by Skyhawk in Team Fortress 2 category.
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Posted by Cosmic_Marbles

Hey, Bongers! We'd like you to blaze up a celebratory toke to our newest Admin, Wolfwarrior27 (a.k.a Wolf/Wolfie)!!! Wolf has been a big part of our community for quite a while and is frequently found being the life of the party whether it's showing off his latest hats, weapons, and uncrated items or taunting after you find yourself dead.

Keep an eye out for a heavy in pink Daisy Duke shorts, a Demoman with a molton mallard affect, or a shooting star sniper making a lot of body shots (just kidding) and when you find him.... aim to kill!

So, if you think someone is hacking, need time extended on the server, have other server issues, or you just need someone to bring you a Spicy Italian foot long, give our beloved Wolfie a holler! CONGRATS, WOLF!
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frostmute [Feb 06 : 09:12AM]
Since the card was running fine on 7 for months, I figure maybe something got into the OS that fucked up the drivers. I used DDU to re-install fresh drivers, but from what I've read, theirs no better way than a fresh OS install.
frostmute [Feb 06 : 09:10AM]
yea, Ive been using GigaByte for years, never had an issue. Anyways, I had the idea to put the new HDD ive got in and do a fresh Win10 install, not an upgrade on top of 7 or 8. I booted up a couple of games last night, and had no crashes. Gonna do some more testing today.
Halvus [Feb 05 : 02:09PM]
I know thats not very helpful right now .
Halvus [Feb 05 : 02:08PM]
Ouch. Go with EVGA next time. Just a warning, they offer warranty 'enhancements' like advanced product replacement for extra money. Its a relatively fair deal, but something to be prepared for.
frostmute [Feb 05 : 01:12PM]
No, the warranty is good for three years. It's a GigaByte card... Iv'e read so many stories on RMA cards taking 6 weeks to make it back to you, with no improvements. Hopefully I can get them to just send me a new card, I guess. Guess I'll just won't have my computer while they fuck about.
Halvus [Feb 05 : 11:29AM]
Is the warranty expired? What brand is it?
Helix [Feb 05 : 11:27AM]
You could be a real jerk and sell it on ebay!
frostmute [Feb 05 : 08:19AM]
Drivers don't work, new OS install doesnt work, underclocking doesnt work, new power supply doesnt work... Guess I have a 350 dollar paperweight in my computer now.
Helix [Feb 04 : 05:13PM]
It was 84 here, it should be 60. Bullocks.
gonzo.the.great [Feb 04 : 05:09PM]
It was 58 today. It should be 25.

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