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Re: billons of software clients
I still use Lastpass. Haven't ...
Posted by frostmute
Apr 28 : 07:19PM

Re: Overwatch.
Life imitates art.I just pre-o...
Posted by GravyTrain
Apr 28 : 11:51AM

Because it's been too long....
I wonder how dickbut is doing ...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Apr 28 : 09:26AM

Re: Overwatch.
April Fools 2015... http://gra...
Posted by Helix
Apr 27 : 11:06PM

Re: billons of software clients
+1 for keepass also...also a g...
Posted by Helix
Apr 27 : 11:04PM

Re: billons of software clients
So i guess I'm the idiot minor...
Posted by Wolfwarrior27
Apr 27 : 04:05PM

Re: billons of software clients
I use Keepass too and it is gr...
Posted by GravyTrain
Apr 27 : 03:49PM

Re: billons of software clients
My favorite part of KeePass is...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Apr 27 : 12:20PM

Re: A warm, heart-felt thank you to BONG....
I love you Mr. Medic Man. Keep...
Posted by Kronky
Apr 27 : 11:56AM

Re: billons of software clients
+1 for KeePass, same reason. ...
Posted by BurninUrine
Apr 27 : 11:02AM



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No New Posts Because it's been too long.... (Videos) khamir-ubitch 31 0 -
No New Posts billons of software clients (Tech Forum) Halvus 102 7 frostmute
Thu Apr 28 2016, 07:19PM 
No New Posts Overwatch. (The Lounge) rquasar 100 7 GravyTrain
Thu Apr 28 2016, 11:51AM 
No New Posts A warm, heart-felt thank you to BONG.... (The Gravity Bong -- 2fort) khamir-ubitch 143 8 Kronky
Wed Apr 27 2016, 11:56AM 
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Mon Apr 25 2016, 08:23PM 
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Thu Apr 28 2016, 11:54AM
Posted by GravyTrain in Team Fortress 2 category.
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After induction to the hallowed halls of GravityBong administration I’ve spent time reading tips from past admins. Among our chief weaponry are fear, surprise, and HLSW. Recently I’ve been engrossed in Fallout4 yet this has not interfered in my responsibilities. Through HLSW I receive alerts based on keywords in chat such as hacker, aimbot, and so forth and have been able to respond accordingly.

So, my friends, I write to ensure you all know that at most times help should only be a few keystrokes away. This can include a request to extend the round time, or perhaps your keen eyes have noted that Knife_out somehow got unbanned. Just give a shout in chat and we will get things fixed up. Remember; be clear in what you need and allow enough time for a response. Don’t wait until 5 seconds left before the rounds end asking for a time extension. Also note that we can see both teams chat as well. If an aimbot is on the enemy team feel safe in using team chat “admin, we have an aimbot on red, name xxXX420noscopeXXxx”. I can join, spectate, get a demo, and ban without tipping them off.

Lastly, I encourage you not to abuse this to just annoy admins and also be mindful when trash talking. It can get aggravating being alerted just because Scruff is dominating some skrub... again. Calling him a hacker in chat will alert even if it is a joke and we all know Scruff HAX but he pays fat cash to not be banned.
Wed Apr 20 2016, 05:41PM
Happy 4:20!!! Where'd it come from though?
Posted by cosmic_marbles in Team Fortress 2 category.
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Hi, Kiddies! It’s that time of year again…. the Bong’s #1 holiday! 4/20!!! I hope you are all celebrating in style. If you would have come to visit me in Washington, I would have taken you to ALL the local marijuana shops so you’d be stocked up. As it is, not one of you came so you’re all shit out of luck. Oh the adventures we could have shared.

Do you ever wonder why it’s referred to as “4/20”? Well, I was wondering so I did a little research on the matter. Seems that some kids back in the 70’s who called themselves the “Waldos” because they used to hang out at a wall at their school coined the term. They were going to look for an abandoned pot field one day after school and they were going to meet up at the Louis Pasteur statue at their school at 4:20. Afterwards, they started saying “4/20-Louis” to mean either “Hey, wanna go smoke?” or “Hey, got any smoke?” Seems they eventually dropped the “Louis” portion and just called it 4:20 and it caught on. Now, it’s a globally recognized term.

Don’t believe me? Well, I happen to have an article RIGHT HERE you can read about it. Do you believe me? Then you don’t have to read the article and you can save yourself some time and just know that I am right.



Sat Apr 16 2016, 02:14PM
The Newest Admin of Them All
Posted by holyass in Gravity Bong News category.
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It's that special time on the Gravity Bong. The special time when one of you, from the community, have been chosen to be gilded with the much sought after powers of adminship. This time the honor goes to GrλvyTrλin! A long time member, GrλvyTrλin will now be able to help you with your 2fort admin needs. Hit him up to kick those nasty afks, server restarts, hacker torture/banning, and Knife_Out banning. He has been around for years and exhibits admirable playstyle and skills. Don't worry, he'll be the same old GrλvyTrλin you know and love, just don't shoot too many crockets at him. He will seek his vengeance, perhaps now with more unconventional means. He speaks softly, but carries a heavy stick or...errr...rocket.

Give it up for your newest Gravity Bong admin: GrλvyTrλin!!!!!
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Helix [Apr 28 : 09:57PM]
I hate cracker barrel, but maybe it's cause I'm a yankee.
GravyTrain [Apr 28 : 07:13PM]
As a seasoned expert I have to say Cracker Barrel has just about the best sawmill gravy of any chain restaurant.
khamir-ubitch [Apr 28 : 10:49AM]
You should have seen the looks I got when my wife and I told people how we spent Christmas eve: Taco Bell. Sorry man, we like it. We were happy and spread the cheer to the workers. That's what mattered!
Yahoozy [Apr 28 : 01:43AM]
I haven't lived anywhere that didn't have a Cracker Barrel within 30 mins of another Cracker Barrel
DrakeMegrim [Apr 27 : 08:16PM]
So, uhh, I got the country fried steak. I figured that was the most southern thing on the menu. I'll get the chicken dumplins next time!
cosmic_marbles [Apr 27 : 08:11PM]
If you had chicken and dumplings, it was all worth while. Regardless, happy anniversary! Send me a postcard!
DrakeMegrim [Apr 27 : 06:04AM]
First anniversary I get to spend with my wife! Shame we spent it driving 500 miles. We were fancy and had cracker barrel.
Wolfwarrior27 [Apr 26 : 08:39PM]
Why cant i be all three?
GravyTrain [Apr 26 : 10:36AM]
That's not Wolfie. This is Wolfie. http://i.imgur.com/xu8rtkm.jpg

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