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Re: Portal & Half Life: The Movies

Posted by frostmute
Sep 30 : 11:51AM

Re: Portal & Half Life: The Movies
bldwilco wrote ...frostmute wr...
Posted by frostmute
Sep 30 : 07:47AM

Re: Portal & Half Life: The Movies
Valve won't make HL3 because t...
Posted by [BONG] BigJoeZD
Sep 30 : 04:13AM

Re: Portal & Half Life: The Movies
frostmute wrote ...I want to s...
Posted by bldwilco
Sep 29 : 05:34PM

Re: Portal & Half Life: The Movies
khamir-ubitch wrote ...For me,...
Posted by Dickbut
Sep 29 : 03:55PM

Re: Portal & Half Life: The Movies
I want to see Half Life - Dire...
Posted by frostmute
Sep 29 : 03:11PM

Portal & Half Life: The Movies
I hope this gets done....and J...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Sep 29 : 02:50PM

Re: Regulars: Where's everyone at and what are you up to?
Smite is love, Smite is life.
Posted by SlugKing
Sep 20 : 10:22PM

Re: Regulars: Where's everyone at and what are you up to?
Cyrus wrote ...cosmic_marbles ...
Posted by cosmic_marbles
Sep 20 : 12:02PM

Re: Regulars: Where's everyone at and what are you up to?
cosmic_marbles wrote ...Cyrus ...
Posted by Cyrus
Sep 19 : 10:20PM



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No New Posts Portal & Half Life: The Movies (Entertainment) khamir-ubitch 42 6 frostmute
Fri Sep 30 2016, 11:51AM 
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Tue Sep 20 2016, 10:22PM 
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Sat Sep 10 2016, 03:17PM 
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Sun Aug 21 2016, 12:19PM 
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Sun Aug 21 2016, 04:07AM 
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Mon Aug 08 2016, 01:57PM
Khamir's Medic Tips: Uber while holding intel
Posted by khamir-ubitch in Team Fortress 2 category.
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Khamir's Tips: Uber your target while holding the intel
A lot of people don't know that a medic is able to hold the intel while ubering someone. The medic will not be ubered while holding the intel, but the patient will be.

Here's how you do it:

1. Deploy uber
2. very quickly switch off of medi-gun to either melee or primary and pick up the intel.
3. Switch back to medi-gun and focus your beam back on your patient.

Here's a video demonstration

Mon Jul 04 2016, 03:00PM
Happy Independence Day!
Posted by SoraPiroB in Team Fortress 2 category.
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It's that day we told the English people that this is our land now, you red coat-ed immigrants can go back to your own country we don't want you here. So celebrate! Light those burning metal sticks and give them to your kids to wave around while the grown ups set off bombs over and over in the middle of the street! And when you can relax with a nice cold beer while you wait in the emergency room with your brother while you keep his detached fingers in a bag of ice.

Wed Jun 01 2016, 11:23AM
Undecided on Overwatch?
Posted by GravyTrain in Team Fortress 2 category.
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If you're undecided if you're ready to hop on the Overwatch bandwagon and you needed a class who was similar to Pyro and ALSO sorta purple and also adorable? NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE!

Overwatch is super fun and the more pals from the GravityBong the better! You can watch some Mei gameplay here.

Seriously though everyone hates Mei and we don't need more Mei players.
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gonzo.the.great [Sep 30 : 06:33AM]
Is Wolfie ever not high?
Munchies [Sep 28 : 10:32PM]
Wolfie, how high are you right now?
frostmute [Sep 28 : 08:36PM]
Seriously though, I kinda hope the neckbeards win this one and Make HG deliver content that looks like the trailer, and then still have no one play it so the circlejerk can start all over again.
frostmute [Sep 28 : 08:32PM]
"AzzerUK said he hopes that his complaint could spark Valve and other companies in control of video game storefronts "to start forcing publishers that use its platforms to show realistic, actual, genuine, non-pre-rendered or scripted gameplay trailers and footage, and screenshots actually taken in-game from real game code that is going to be what the consumer purchases"." STAHP. MY SIDES HURT... I THINK I HERNIATED LAUGHING
frostmute [Sep 28 : 08:31PM]
"'AzzerUK', the Reddit user who issued a formal complaint to the ASA..." BAHAHAHAH
GravyTrain [Sep 27 : 01:23PM]
Thanks pal!
Wolfwarrior27 [Sep 27 : 10:38AM]
i dont need any more OW lootboxes Gravy you can havemine
GravyTrain [Sep 27 : 10:32AM]
People should give me their OW lootboxes. For reasons

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