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Support Scruff McGruff in the Grand Finale!! Scruff McGruff is about to start the UGC Gold Grand Finale. Watch and cheer him on here: http://ww ...
come on let's play videogames don't go to work tell your boss he's a fart and play 2fort instead, downer and I are lonely in here
Come visit the rotation server... Address: DO IT.

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Re: FrostMute = TV Star?

Posted by Diabeetus
Mar 25 : 11:15AM

Re: FrostMute = TV Star?
ProfessorJerk wrote ...If it a...
Posted by gonzo.the.great
Mar 25 : 07:09AM

Re: FrostMute = TV Star?
If it ain't Skinemax I ain't i...
Posted by ProfessorJerk
Mar 24 : 10:37PM

Exmilitary is the record I hea...
Posted by ProfessorJerk
Mar 24 : 10:36PM

Re: FrostMute = TV Star?
frostmute wrote ...gonzo.the.g...
Posted by [BONG] BigJoeZD
Mar 24 : 09:11AM

Re: FrostMute = TV Star?
gonzo.the.great wrote ...And h...
Posted by frostmute
Mar 24 : 08:35AM

ProfessorJerk wrote ...I remem...
Posted by the_hammer_q
Mar 23 : 09:46PM

Re: FrostMute = TV Star?
And he even shaved his chest f...
Posted by gonzo.the.great
Mar 23 : 03:06PM

FrostMute = TV Star?
I had no idea you did commerci...
Posted by khamir-ubitch
Mar 23 : 11:53AM

Re: conga haters?????
BiGTeX wrote ...I like to smok...
Posted by Maxwell_Edison
Mar 22 : 05:52PM



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Wed Mar 25 2015, 11:15AM 
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Tue Mar 24 2015, 10:36PM 
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Sun Mar 22 2015, 05:52PM 
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Thu Mar 12 2015, 06:02PM 
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Mon Mar 09 2015, 11:23AM 
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Thu Mar 12 2015, 07:06PM
Announcing the Taunt Workshop!
Posted by TF2-RSS in Team Fortress 2 category.
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Hey, what's up, everybody? We're adding taunts to the TF2 Workshop!

What are taunts? They're character-specific animations you can trigger in-game to either announce that you've just shot someone or would like to be shot yourself. And now you can make your own! We've been blown away by the quality of item submissions in the Workshop so far, and this feels like the next logical step to letting creative folks in the community help make the game even better. If you're a talented animator, there's now a whole new way to contribute content. And if you're not an animator, you can still look forward to getting a lot more ways to express yourself on the battlefield in 2015.

[ Full Story ... ]
Wed Jan 21 2015, 10:45AM
Now Supporting WEBM
Posted by Helix in Gravity Bong News category.
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I'm pleased to announce that our little old website now supports WEBM files. Feel free to use them in comments, forum posts, and for late night pleasure.


What is WEBM?

WebM is a format for HTML5 video that is designed to be high-quality and royalty-free. HTML5 video makes video a built-in part of the Web platform the way images have been already.

Check if my browser supports WEBM?

Click Full Story below for usage.

[ Full Story ... ]
Thu Jan 15 2015, 11:33PM
Bye Bye Snow
Posted by Helix in Gravity Bong News category.
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Hey there Bong! The holidays are over and our web style is back so make sure you give your browser a refresh. Thanks to everyone who donated over the holidays and to all the kind souls that tossed items into the raffle. We paid for all costs through 2015 with the donations and have a small buffer to host an event with prizes. We're really excited to raise that kind of an effort after all this time and really appreciate it.

Next, you may have seen our stats were down since December 29, with the monthly coming back a few days ago and the lifetime returning tonight. We apologize for the outage and are now backing up stats with a nightly job to prevent any kind of outage that extreme in the future.

Hope everyone's 2015 is off to a good start, may all your troubles last as long as your new year's resolutions! Bong on!
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BiGTeX [Mar 27 : 06:45PM]
I remember playing cs on dial up around 180 or 200. It's playable. Also did the serious Sam bets testing on 56k. Rotten lil fux r spoiled rotten.
gonzo.the.great [Mar 27 : 04:37PM]
Way too many stupid people. Daddy Skyhawk, make them all go away please.
Skyhawk [Mar 27 : 03:53PM]
Fucking finally its Friday. This week blew.
[BONG] BigJoeZD [Mar 26 : 03:39AM]
Just read a thread on some NZ Gaming page on Facebook where some kid claimed any online game with 100 ping is "unplayable" Guess all those years here didn't happen
Dickbut [Mar 25 : 01:56PM]
I'm sure all three of those could be incorporated into one activity.
Skyhawk [Mar 25 : 09:07AM]
So what's the plan Tex? Strip club? Sky diving? Six Flags?
BiGTeX [Mar 25 : 09:06AM]
Skyhawk [Mar 25 : 08:55AM]
Ted Cruz promised me freedom last night. I need some 'o that.
gonzo.the.great [Mar 25 : 07:13AM]
I cannot wait to hear what will soon come out of Ted Cruz's mouth. It will be glorious.
BiGTeX [Mar 25 : 05:45AM]
FoXtRoT UnIfOrM ChArLiE KiLo

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