Wed Apr 12 2017, 12:26PM
The End of an Era
Posted by Skyhawk in Team Fortress 2 category.
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It’s a sad time, The Gravity Bong has had a great ten year run but it is time to say adios. The server traffic has been in decline with the removal of Valve’s Quick Play feature so April 23, 2017 will be the day we bid goodbye to an old friend. I spent more time playing here than on probably every other game I’ve ever played combined. I missed the early days but found The Bong around year two of it’s existence and loved the days of a packed server, all day, every day. I couldn’t wait to arrive home in the afternoon and spend the next 10 hours running that intel, talking to my pals, and stepping out to smoke an occasional bowl to create that magical time shift that extended my night.

We have had a lot of regulars, a lot of drop-ins, a lot of drama, and a lot of laughs. There were a handful of players that drew me into the game even if I had other things I needed to do that day but I just couldn’t miss that opportunity. For me, The Gravity Bong created some, what I hope to be, life-long friendships with some of the greatest people I have never met. We all grew to know each other through the HUGE number of pictures, posts, rants, and hilarious threads on the website.

Please pass the word along to anyone you know that has ever played here. Invite them to find the time to return to enjoy the last days for a farewell reunion. The website will stay up indefinitely according to Helix, our great founder and leader. Post your comments and your favorite memories. Long live The Gravity Bong.


NoFear05 Apr 12 : 03:03PM

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Thanks everyone for all the fond memories. I still think about the Bong often.

Its been a very long time, pretty sure I couldn't drive... I'm 24 now. I remember my first day playing with everyone, my best friend invited me to play with him and his uncle/mod noefear. Antihick banned me by "accident".

From then I remember taking a community tournament very seriously and was medic for Nick@nite. Endless conversations with Silent; a really awesome guy. And Antihick periodically asking for dick pics.

I truly feel lucky to have been around during the Bong's prime.

DrakeMegrim Apr 12 : 05:04PM

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Love you all.
Mama Apr 12 : 05:09PM

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Having been around from near the beginning... I've seen (almost) all of it. I will miss you all, have had some really great times. Also some not so good times, but I try real hard to forget those.

Find me on as TheRealMergy#1512, twitter @r_nevermind (YourMama), or as Ruth Ashton.

Y'all take care of yourselves, I love you all.
Jeepinator Apr 12 : 07:16PM

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I got an Email from Skyhawk's PM that brought me back. I haven't been around in years but I still remember the good times I had on the GB server. I don't think I've played with a group of people like that ever since. It was definitely great community. Thanks for the good times! I may log on next week to join you guys one last time.
tiger Apr 12 : 07:50PM

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O-Mega Apr 12 : 10:39PM

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Larry Apr 12 : 11:05PM

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Thanks for all the great times despite the drama. Love you guys

- Kronky (MiTcH)
FunnyBunny Apr 12 : 11:06PM

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even tho i main medic, i will miss all of you, GG friends hope to see you in some 2fort casual ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .
ProfessorJerk Apr 13 : 12:13PM

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Man it's been a long ass time but fuck, this hurts, but made some awesome friends, lifelong friends on the server. Thanks for all of the good times, Helix. Gonna pack a bowl in honor of Demo Jihad and Pyro dodgeball in the sewers.
cosmic_marbles Apr 13 : 07:05PM

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This breaks my heart. Even though life has gotten hectic here, it was always a comfort to know you guys were around.

I love you nerds!!!
Quinjelly Apr 15 : 07:04PM

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Sad to see it go, curses VOLVo.
wavek89 Apr 16 : 08:12AM

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Thanks for fun everyone. I'm glad I found this server, and I will surely miss it.
ScruffMcGruff Apr 17 : 12:00AM

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I miss playing with everyone can't find a server that comes close to it
FrostBack Apr 19 : 01:11AM

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I have so many memories of playing here with you guys. It's a shame that its coming to an end.
muffen1 Apr 19 : 09:17PM

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Tons of memories with you guys, wish it didn't have to end.
DeKeeg Apr 19 : 10:39PM

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Munchies Apr 22 : 05:39AM

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Frin Wuju my friends.
Bullet-Tooth Apr 22 : 08:51AM

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End of an era indeed. Crazy to think this love/hate relationship has been going on 10 years. Thanks to the long terms players that have been there since the beginning we had some great times. I kinda wish i knew when my first login was.
sliemlox Apr 22 : 08:13PM

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The last game:today
Last played: 7:34
WickedJT Apr 24 : 08:30PM

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Sad I missed the send off, I'll miss you babes

R.I.P Fetus
R.I.P Klaire

Wolfwarrior27 Apr 26 : 10:50AM

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April fools! Got you guys good this time!
Wolfwarrior27 Apr 26 : 03:40PM

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pwnsawsage Apr 27 : 03:38PM

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Goodbye Bong, you lovely bitch. I'll miss my long walks through the sewers with you😢. I'll miss stroking my loose cannon while charging from red to blue or blue to red across your 2Fort bridge over troubled waters. I'll miss your sweet shout outs of "pool is closed" or "so n so spawn camper" or "rekt" or "dickbut hax"

I'll miss the way way you made me feel and touch me in my special place when you tell me I'm dominating so n so... I'll miss the good ole days of playing with my sticky launcher inside of you, it felt so good and you know it.

Okay, so yeah, the Bong regulars were a treat to play with or against even though I was more or less a soloist, you guys are a goood bangin' bongin' group of peeps and community.

ps: This site will still be around and running or converting its base game though?
cosmic_marbles Apr 30 : 10:02AM

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henrie May 29 : 11:11PM

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Man, you all were like a second family to me, while my wife worked night shift I always had a place to just be my stupid shitty rocket jumping self. I was always guaranteed a fun friendly server where people never took it so seriously as to kill the fun, nor so casual that there was never a challenge. The hilarious drama that I got to eavesdrop on, the beautiful people, the fucking pwn in the sewer that I always felt I had a rivalry with, even if nothing was ever said. The many cheap ways I would play, only to be killed by someone playing even cheaper, fucking dickbutt and his immortal self. The goobs, the hick and marbles and kronky and Ethan and Korban (I swear the only reason I would win 80% of my fights with was due to his laggy ass). The fan fucking tastic heals of blast, like 90% of my steam friends came from this server, thank you guys.
Quick question though, do the stats stay up or do they disappear?
Ms.Crow Aug 14 : 02:14AM

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AWWW! Glad I couldn't sleep tonight and started going down memory lane. Thanks Gravity Bong for being there in my formative years. I still think about some of you fuckin' weirdos from 7 or 8 years ago. I don't know if there are many of ya guys left still hanging around the forum from back in the day but feel free to PM for my email address. I'd love to catch up.

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